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Quinn Michael Wells Former Head of State

Astoria State Greenville Apr 12th 2009 10,033

Alricio Scriptatore Theta Alpha Member

New Alcantara Apr 15th 2006 8,297

David Clark No. 52

New Alcantara Bay Lake Jul 15th 2012 8,278

Steve McQueen THE General!

New Alcantara Montague County Aug 29th 2006 7,250

Bob O'Neill Former U.S. President

Laurentiana New Beises Apr 21st 2007 7,022

Georges Laval Un vieil homme

Freeland Petite Espoir Jan 23rd 2009 6,413

Charlotte McGarry XXII. President of the USA

New Alcantara Stars Hollow, N.A. Jan 11th 2009 5,530

Alexander Xanathos seated at the left hand of the Father

Freeland Seaford Nov 3rd 2006 5,399

Timothy Ford Ghosting people since 2017

Assentia Freyburg Sep 5th 2014 4,964

Márkusz Varga 42nd U.S. President

Assentia Freyburg, Assentia Jun 1st 2013 4,725

Adam Denton Freeland pour toujours!

Freeland Amada Nov 28th 2011 4,406

Richard D. Templeton Former U.S. President

Laurentiana New Beises Jan 20th 2009 3,817

Ronald D. Crane Someone

Assentia Durban Jun 4th 2006 3,614

Dwain Anderson Someone

Serena Northwood, Peninsula Apr 18th 2006 3,532

Claire Gerard Out of Congress

Serena Freeport City, Serena Feb 2nd 2010 3,384

Béatrice Laval Effrontée & partout

Astoria State Portham May 6th 2011 3,281

Liam Aspertine Expert on Foreign Affairs

Astoria State Nov 2nd 2009 3,095

Norman Howard Hodges Elder Statesman

Freeland Gareth, Freeland Nov 9th 2008 3,090

Jerry Cotton Former U.S. President

Assentia Ambridge Jul 12th 2006 3,068

JVF Retired Politician

Freeland Lyton May 24th 2007 3,023

Gregory Jameson mens sana in corpore sano

Laurentiana Laurentiana Dec 16th 2009 2,962

Jake Ulysses Smith President No. 60 & No. 64

Laurentiana Octavia Sep 14th 2013 2,948

Ben Kingston #55

Astoria State Greenville Sep 13th 2016 2,901

Dominic Stone Pragmatic Gentleman

Laurentiana New Beises Oct 1st 2013 2,858

Andriz Bürger

Serena Hong Nam, Chan-Sen Aug 5th 2006 2,686

Astorian Sports Network TV-Sender

Assentia Durban Jan 18th 2013 2,520

Sookie Stackhouse Former U.S. President

Laurentiana Bon Temps / Laurentiana Mar 18th 2011 2,496

Marc Peterson at the other end of the rainbow

Astoria State Astoria City Jan 3rd 2009 2,472

Ulysses Q. Monroe The 26th U.S. President

Astoria State Greenville Feb 16th 2009 2,371

Lyman Taft Democrat

Assentia Durban Oct 1st 2014 2,302