Proportional House Seat Distribution Act


    Inkraftgetreten am:

    27. 11. 2019
    Unterschrieben von President Teresa Ramsey-Prescott

    Sixtieth Congress of the United States of Astor

    Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of Astor in Congress assembled:

    Proportional House Seat Distribution Act, 2019
    An act to provide for a fair and proportional distribution of seats in the House of Representatives.

    Section 1 – Amending the FEA.
    Chp. III Sec. 3 Ssec. 7 Federal Elections Act wird gestrichen.

    Section 2 – Final Provisions.
    Dieses Bundesgesetz tritt mit seiner Ausfertigung in Kraft.

    Speaker of the House of Representatives

    President of the Senate

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