[Association] O'Neill

  • Honorable Members of the Republican Party,

    Ich möchte mich hiermit als Unterstützer der Republikaner erkenntlich zeigen und das Erbe meines Vaters fortführen.

  • Welcome, Mr. O'Neill! Richten Sie Ihrer Familie die besten Grüße aus!


    SENATOR from the STATE OF LAURENTIANA | CHAIRMAN of the RNC------------------------------.
    SPEAKER of the GENERAL COURT of the STATE OF LAURENTIANA | GRAND LEADER of the PATRIOTIC ACTION---------------------------------

  • Willkommen!


    Former (XXVII.) Vice President of the United States

    Former Member of the House of Representatives

    Former Lieutenant Governor of the Republic of Serena

    "That person who agrees with you 80 percent of the time is a friend and an ally; not a 20 percent traitor." - Carsten Schmidt

  • Welcome, Tom! Auf in die nächste Schlacht, kann ich da nur sagen! ;)

    Eugene 'Gene' Wolf (R-AA)

    Chairman of the Republican Party of the Republic of Assentia

    Former Governor of the Republic of Assentia

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