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  • Teresa Ramsey-Prescott


    As a citizen of Assentia and a citizen of Astor, I would like to sincerely thank Director van der Wellen for his many years as Director USEO. Mistakes happen to everyone once. Nevertheless, he leaves behind large footprints into which his successor will step. Thank you vdW!

  • Ulysses Knight


    After many requests of close friends and colleagues I am hereby declaring, that I am fully ready to take the office of Director USEO. I will be a fair and gracious Director, for whom the people's true representation is number one priority.
    It's up to Congress now...


    SENATOR from the STATE OF LAURENTIANA | CHAIRMAN of the RNC------------------------------.
    SPEAKER of the GENERAL COURT of the STATE OF LAURENTIANA | GRAND LEADER of the PATRIOTIC ACTION---------------------------------


  • Julian Atakapans


    As mentioned earlier, we are referring to the Supreme Court in order to restore the constitutionality of our law and to once again guarantee our citizens equality and freedom.

    #press statement


    Former Governor of the State of Laurentiana
    Former Chief of Staff of the White House
    Former Director of the USEO

  • Because court proceedings are public information, Mr. Russel.

    President James F. Canterbury

    50th President of the United States
    49th Vice President of the United States
    Former Secretary of State
    Former Attorney General
    Former Special Advisor to the President
    Former First Legislator
    Former Governor

  • [whatsup=Ben Kingston]@POTUS55
    I am very excited and glad that the Federal District Act has finally passed through Congress. Since this negotiation was my administration’s first success, I’d be happy to offer my support to President Ramsey-Prescott, in order to ensure a smooth transition for the federal neigborhood!

    Ben Kingston

    U. S. Representative

    55th President of the United States

    Former Speaker of the House of Representatives

    29th President of the U. S. Senate

    Former Congressman

    Former Senator

  • Eric M. Antony


    I owe an appology to the astorian people: Mein Umzug aus Astoria war aus privaten Gründen schon länger eine Option und sollte jetzt aus verwaltungstechnischen Gründen früher erfolgen* , auch wenn ich meinen Heimatbundesstaat Astoria sehr schätze und ihm verbunden bin. Die Übermittlung der Umzugsmeldung an das USRO ist unglücklicherweise erfolgt, bevor ich mich bei den Behörden meines neuen Wohnortes – dem wunderbaren Fraternvillage-Bleunissante – gemeldet hatte. Für dieses Missgeschick trage ich die Verantwortung und ich möchte President Teresa Ramsey-Prescott: von Herzen für ihr besonderes Verständnis danken. Mein ursprünglicher Plan war es, mich nach der Abstimmung im Senat zu dieser Sachlage zu äußern, um die Entscheidung der Senatorinnen und Senatoren über meine Person und nicht die Entschuldigung erfolgen zu lassen. Nachdem aber mein persönliches Versagen bisweilen als Versagen der Administration gedeutet wird, erscheint mir diese Stellungnahme schon jetzt angebracht.

    Eric M. Antony
    White House Counsel (Conway Administration)

    56. Vice President of the United States | Former Governor of the State of Astoria | Former Attorney General of the State of Astoria
    ffc9xc9.png Liberty State

  • Offensichtlich macht Ms Morgan einen ausgedehnten Urlaub.

    Kathleen Teresa Johnson (D-AS)
    Former U.S. Senator for Astoria | Former Chairwoman, Congressional Committee on Justice and Ethics
    Former Commoner of the Assembly of the State of Astoria | Former Speaker of the Assembly of the State of Astoria

  • Helen Montgomery

    @Helen Montgomery
    President-elect of the Unites States

    Good to see a strong republican result in the House-Elections. Rep. Russell will do a good job representing the Astorian People. Democratic Majority will be challenging.


  • Bineta Martinique


    Congratulations to [hashtag]republican[/hashtag] President Helen Montgomery: for a full White House of old white men!
    [hashtag]nodiversity[/hashtag] [hashtag]partyofwhiteman[/hashtag] [hashtag]regression[/hashtag]


    59th Vice President of the United States of Astor

    Former WH Communications Director for President Teresa Ramsey-Prescott


  • [whatsup=Cathy O’Malley]@VP
    Congratulations to the [hashtag]Democrats [/hashtag]for conveniently leaving out that this Administration is the first since 16 previous Administrations and only the second in history to have strong women as @POTUS and @VP. [hashtag]fakenews[/hashtag]


    Catherine O’Malley

    United States Secretary of Commerce

    57th Vice President of the United States

    39th & 41st Governor of Assentia

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